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The Process: Steps to building a modular home

Many clients have asked us about the steps to building a modular home. We’ve compiled the following overview; however, if you have any additional questions, please feel free to contact us.


If you already own a piece of land, the next step is to determine what you can and cannot build on your building lot. We can help you navigate the zoning and planning approval process in order to understand all of your options and to acquire the necessary permits and approvals. We have extensive experience in zoning & planning. If you do not own a piece of land, we can guide you through the purchase of land that fits the needs of your desired home.


Working with our design and construction team, we can custom design a house. We also have the ability to work with the outside architect of your choice and adapt his plans into a structure that can be built by modular construction. Once you have decided on a basic layout of the home you can choose from limitless options in construction materials and finish items. If you want the house delivered with finished carpentry, floors, tile work, carpet, etc is entirely up to you. All of these items can be installed in the factory or on-site depending on your preference & what is most cost-effective based on your project.


After we finalize your plans & specifications we can give you a firm guaranteed price for the cost of the house & the foundation to set it on. Unlike site-built houses this price will not be subject to numerous change-orders & increases in price along the way. You can decide if you want to complete the remaining site-work on your own or with us. We can provide turn-key projects or just build the foundation & set the house. The choice is yours.


Once the layout and various construction options are finalized, a final set of fully engineering plans are produced and submitted to the local building department for approval. Once the building permit is obtained, construction on-site and at the factory begins. This simultaneous process saves both time and money. As we clear the lot, excavate for the foundation and build the foundation, your home is being built in the factory.


The most exciting of the steps to building a modular home! After the foundation is built & the modular home is constructed in the factory it is time to deliver & set the house. The modular home consists of “boxes” that are delivered by tractor trailers to your site. Generally, the boxes will be delivered to your site or a holding area the day before the set. During the set, a crane is used to lift the modular components into place on the foundation with the help of an experienced set crew. After all of the components are set the roof is lifted by the crane and features such as dormers, gables and chimmneys are put into place. Depending on the size of the project a set can be completed in as little as one day or up to a week. Your home is already complete with electrical, plumbing, windows, doors, cabinets, fixtures, etc.


After the modular is set interior and exterior finish work begins. Depending on the project the “button-up” work may include:

  • Air sealing the boxes to make the home energy efficient & meet any green program requirements (LEED, NAHB Green Energy Star, etc)
  • Installing the siding, soffit, fascia, shutters, door pediments, window mantles, trim boards, and dentil moldings (or the remainder of siding not already installed in the factory)
  • Installation of staircases & handrails between floors & in the basement
  • Connecting water, waste, and vent lines between units and to the site infrastructure
  • Connecting electric wiring to the electrical panel and connecting the panel to the main utility feed
  • Installation or completion of the heat and air conditioning systems
  • Finish work at all mating wall sections
  • Spackling and painting as necessary
  • Install finished flooring if not done in the factory